Take care of your mind, body, & soul

On- Purpose living

With more than 19 years of massage experience, Sandra Winogrocki, LMT is available by appointment in Osprey, FL for PROFESSIONAL Massage Therapy and Reiki.


playground for the soul

On-purpose living and tools for transformation

Massage ~ Inspirational Artistic expression ~

Dance & movement ~ Rhythm & music

Meditations & Empowering Events

Take care of your mind, body, and soul. 

Sandra Winogrocki is a published author and artist, sharing her feelings on canvas, through written word and meditations, as well as music and voice.


The collaborative efforts of Michael Katala and Sandra Winogrocki offer inspired designs, artwork, poetry, jewelry, and wood creations.





art & soul


earth Vibe

The peaceful presence of Michael Katala can be experienced through his intuitive music and his art in many forms, including the hand-crafted musical instruments and crystal jewelry he creates. 

"As a bodyworker for over 19 years, I've seen how emotions are stuffed and stored in our bodies until we process them and move on.  I recommend to my clients the same activities I actively engage in myself: movement, dance, and stretching, meditation, artistic creation, drumming, singing, writing, and grounding our energies through Massage Therapy and other healing modalities. This world is meant to be a Playground for the Soul."  ~Sandra


These empowering workshops, meditations, and events are offered to help uplift our community.