Acoustic Attunements

"I have to write a stellar review for Sandra (the phenomenal Massage Therapist). A friend of mine got me a massage with Sandra as I was dealing with my Mom's declining health. Sandra is so intuitive and amazing. My husband gifted me several months of massages with Sandra to get me through the time of my Mom's passing, and she not only helped my body feel better (I had severe back pain and arm pain during that time), but she truly cared about my wellness. She helped me to learn to meditate and do more for my self-care when I was at home. I owe such a huge debt of gratitude to this talented and caring woman. Sign up for a massage with her today-I promise you won't regret it. She is busy for a reason!"


"Until a friend recommended that I see Sandra, I had lived for many years with almost constant lower back pain.  Sandra was able to determine the cause of my problem and recommend a massage and stretching routine to fix it.  Now I am pain-free, and as long as I keep up with my stretches and massages, I know that I will stay that way!"


"I have been a regular client of Sandra's for about a year and a half.  My original visit was a Christmas gift from my daughter.  It was such an awakening and invigorating experience that I have been doing 90 min. sessions every 2 weeks since. I have arthritis in my left knee and had to wear a knee brace and take ibuprofen in order to play Pickleball.  I now no longer need either.  I attribute this healing to Sandra's hands.  I have never had a massage that compares to hers.  Her friendly manner is a welcomed addition. Namaste, Sandra!"


"When I began my journey with Sandra, I was taking anti-inflammatory medication daily, along with pain medication several times a day.  My Orthopedic specialist was recommending surgery.  After several months with Sandra, I no longer required medications, and after a year of therapy, I have full mobility and am virtually pain free.  As if that weren't enough, she helped to plant the seeds that grew into a greater spiritual awareness, and overall happiness for me.  Her expertise, attention, care, and positive energy have been truly transformative in my life."
-Kathryn MBA

"I have much gratitude and admiration for Sandra.   She shares with you her amazing gift of knowledge and healing; you know this is who she is, because she lives and breathes it.  My body keeps feeling better and better as Sandra works her magic.  She provides a safe place where you can truly let go, trust, and allow her hands to heal you.  She is a true gem!"


"We are so pleased with Sandra's massages.  She is very experienced and a true professional for your mind, body, and soul.  We like her packages because my husband and I can share them and both benefit.  We have recommended her to others that are also very happy.  We are so glad to have her."

- Linda & Bob

"Best Massage Therapist I have EVER encountered! Her experience and knowledge is unsurpassed..."


"My husband had his very first massage ever with Sandra and loved it.  She helps him stretch and loosen his tense muscles.  Then, I started to see Sandra as well to relax and help deal with stress.  She always knows where the problem areas are and works them out for me and him.  Sandra is a very positive force of energy and we both have benefited from having her as our Massage Therapist.  We look forward to seeing her every two weeks!

-Deb & Dennis  

"Sandra is loving, kind and the best massage therapist I've ever had. She is a treasure personally and professionally."


"Sandra gives an amazing massage. I had recently injured my head and neck and was in excruciating pain but one session with Sandra and I felt so much better. I cant thank her enough for assisting me in my healing and becoming pain free-er :)."


"Sandra is a caring, professional expert who provides an exceptional massage each and every time. Always targeted to your present needs and always a great result!  She is a master healer and teacher. Not only have I benefited from a regular massage schedule but she has taught me stretches, exercises and lifestyle 
awareness to compliment my massage routine. Sandra is a true blessing in my life!"


"I am a massage therapy and energy therapy instructor and was very impressed with the massage I received yesterday from Sandra! She is amazing!"


Sound vibration speeds up or slows down our energy fields, which in turn affect our physical bodies, thoughts, and emotions. Vibrational sound therapy can be equated to an aura exfoliation; eliminating the debris which is often covering our energy fields. Vibrations, sound, and toning help to align the body on a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level. Tuning forks, singing bowls, and chimes are used to help balance and clear the chakras system of the body.

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Massage Therapy ~ Reiki ~ IET ~ Therapeutic Touch

Regarding Massage, a note from Sandra: 

At this point in my career, I tend to think of myself as an energy worker who has been studying Massage Therapy for the last 20 years. My journey into massage has taken me to premier vacation destinations at luxurious spas in San Diego, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas.  I have had private practices in my Michigan home town and locally in the area since 2011. The majority of my current clients have remained with me for a long time, and I'm blessed that they benefit from the work that I do. I believe whole-heartedly that the emotional and physical traumas we encounter show up in our bodies.   I also receive massage and energy work  every week or two.  I believe this is a responsibility of any good massage therapist, and an important element in my ability to help others to release their energetic debris.  I am not here to heal my clients, but rather to empower them to heal themselves.  I approach each client, and every massage with a holistic philosophy.  I have learned that through incorporating my own unique elements into each massage, sharing authentically, I am able to give more fully, and my clients are able to release their tension more easily.  Some examples of what I mean are that I use sage to smudge or purify the space, with each client. This, to me, feels like it makes a tremendous difference in how long it takes for my clients to settle down and let go.  Allowing yourself to find silence and rest is essential to being receptive to any body or energy work.   I also attune your energetic frequency (and mine) utilizing tibetan and crystal singing bowls, as well as tuning forks, sometimes playing them on your back so that you can absorb the vibrational frequency.  I offer suggestions for stretches, activities, and alternative therapies which might help alleviate pain and discomfort in certain areas of the body, if you utilize them.  Each massage artist is unique, and it's important to recognize that not every client is necessarily a good fit for every massage therapist.  If you find it difficult to get quiet and tune into yourself, of if you are accustomed to dictating every avenue of each massage you receive, asking constantly for deeper work, then perhaps my bodywork is not for you.  When I say that I work intuitively, I mean that i generally remain quiet, in order to listen to the messages your body is sending during the massage. I respond accordingly, using more or less pressure, depending on how the muscles relax and allow the work.  Some of the most subtle pressure can allow the greatest releases. Often people are under the impression that deeper pressure means a better massage.  The truth is, your body cannot relax if it is in defense mode.  I will only use as much pressure as your tissues will allow.   I am dedicated to the work that I do, however, I will not hurt myself so that I can help you. 

Reiki has been around for over 2,500 yrs. as a relaxing energy method of healing through movement of life force energy (Chi). Therapeutic Touch (TT) has been used in many hospitals and as a complimentary therapy to western medicine. Both TT and Reiki have been proven to balance and promote the flow of energy, aid in deep relaxation, reduction of pain, nausea, and tension, better sleep, lower blood pressure & heart rate, improved wound healing and easing the transition into dying.  We are all unique, and likewise, each energy session is different each and every time. 
Over the years, Sandra has had many opportunities to share her hands and her heart with the elderly, sick and those in the final stages of life.  

" I consider Reiki and all energy therapy to be prayer, focused intent with another person for their energetic improvement.

A note on energy work: I utilize many different "tools" in my energy work; such as Reiki, IET, Therapeutic touch, crystals, hand placements, scents, sounds, Tibetan or crystal singing bowls, Tuning fork therapy, vibrational toning, and breath work, but ultimately it is all about intention. I believe in hands-on-healing but don't refer to myself as a "healer".  I am merely acting as a witness for you to commit yourself to your own healing, whatever it may be that you are in need of. Approach this with an open mind, open heart, and a clear intention for yourself and this can be quite profound work. Each energy session is totally unique because each person and each moment is unique. Each person will experience something different in their interpretation of any energy work, but I truly believe that anything which helps you to slow down, quiet your mind and focus on your breathing will take you deeper into yourself, where true healing occurs.  The effectiveness of energy work really depends on the client's willingness to quiet down and receive the messages that their body is offering, it is about surrendering and feeling what is. I'm not looking to prove anything to you.  You must give yourself permission to heal!"  

Sandra has more than 20 years of experience in Massage Therapy & the healing arts 

Client testimonials

On- Purpose living

Nature based energy therapy

 Alternative energy Therapies

Balance mind, body, and spirit.

​Prices & locations vary.

Available individually or as a group. Intuitive Therapeutic Art combines artistic expression with a sacred space perfect for tapping into your inner awareness. There are so many avenues to explore but often this involves marker, acrylic or water color paints. Many options are available depending on the time you would like to dedicate to your session.

Massage Therapy​


"Best Hands 2009" in Elite Traveler Magazine

Energy Therapies: 

Reiki, IET, Therapeutic Touch


Sound Immersion

Take care of your mind, body, & soul

Bundles get you on a regular body care plan, and save you $$.  For those dedicated to their health and wellness, it's more cost effective to utilize our monthly massage incentive program. Paid in advance, you'll receive 6 massages for the price of 5. 
(*This special rate is reserved for clients who commit to one massage per month minimum, booked in advance as Sandra's schedule fills up quickly! Massages canNOT be broken down into smaller sessions.  Pre-paid purchases of gift certificates and bundles are FINAL).

Pre-paid Massage bundle discounts

Visit Sandra's new location. Massage, Acupuncture, and more available by appointment inside Holistic Healing Arts, LLC MM#38879
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Flow wand instruction

A meditative musical journey behaving you to release your energetic and physical stress.  You'll be immersed in sound using world instruments such as harp, singing bowls, chimes, vocal toning, frame drum, and flute.  Each time is a unique experience based on the energies present. Available as individual or group sessions.  (see events)

A limited number of outdoor energy sessions are available at a secure location by appointment with Sandra.  After speaking about your goals and concerns, we'll discuss which modalities to include in your intuitive session, including sacred sound. Please keep in mind, doing energy work in a natural environment depends on the cooperation of Mother Nature and all of her creatures (subject to weather and air quality).

Intuitive dance & movement

Available individually or as a group.
Sandra loves dancing with her flow wand, and considers it a moving meditation. She loves sharing this easy meditative tool with others and has instructed children of all ages, even those in their 70's. The flow wand is a creative way to help improve balance, coordination, joint mobility, and flexibility.

 Gentle Stretch

Available individually or as a group.
Meditative, intuitive dance is less about memorizing steps and more going with the flow.  This type of movement shows us our restrictions and helps to unwind our limitations, increasing flexibility and retraining our muscle fibers to support our bodies as we create new, healthy patterns.  

Available individually or as a group.
Sandra will share her stretching tips from a massage therapy point of view.  Many of these stretches are easy enough to incorporate in your daily routine, to help extend the results from all other body care activities you engage in. 

30 minutes $60  ~ 60 minutes $90 ~ 90 minutes $120
PROFESSIONAL Intuitive Therapeutic Massage.

Each relaxing massage will be tailored to fit your specific areas of concern.

 A blend of Swedish, Deep Tissue, and energy balancing (Reiki, IET, TT). ​​