This drum class is meant for anyone who wants to learn how to play a drum. It will expand and challenge your knowledge on the drum to better play with a group. Bring your own drum.  With more than 20 years experience, Michael also builds, sells and repairs drums.

Need to borrow a drum for the class? Text Michael so he can bring an extra one for you to play!


Drum class: Beginning the Circle with Michael Katala

Please text Michael: 216-409-3097


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Sandra shares an intentional meditation, helping to walk your awareness into your energetic being and into a space of receptivity.  Michael and Sandra immerse you in sound using harp, frame drum, flute, Tibetan and crystal singing bowls, ocean drum and voice. The result is a musical meditative experience to help you release your energetic and physical stress. Each time is a unique experience based on the energies present.

Yoga mats/ chairs are provided, please bring your own pillow/padding to make you comfy during this meditative session. We also suggest bringing a light blanket in case you get chilly. 

Class size is limited. Please text RSVP to 941-313-0260.

$15 per person (but pay what you can)
Doors lock at 7:00pm, please arrive a little early

Join us the 3rd Friday of each month (subject to change)

Sound In~FuSiOn ​ hosted by Golden Age Light

​Friday Oct.20 7-8:30p

Unity of Venice
125 N Jackson Rd, Venice, Florida 34292

The increasingly popular Sound IN-FuSiOn experience returns with
SPECIAL GUESTS: Michael Katala & Sandra Winogrocki
Michael & Sandra will be raising the vibration during the opening of the session playing their djembe drums. It's sure to get the blood rushing! Michael will also play the Native American flute during the meditation piece. Carol Hall & Ed Russell will set the tone for a sacred sound meditative journey.  Carol will briefly sing Light Language channeled from the Celestial & Angelic realms to anchor higher consciousness specific for those in attendance.
Multiple Gongs, Lap Harp, Crystal Bowls & Crystal Pyramids, Tuning Forks, Didgeridoo, Shruti Box, Chimes & Hand Pan Drum are woven thru the sound healing event.

An Open Heart!, water bottle, pillow, yoga mat or blankets to lie on. Chairs will be available for those who aren't comfortable lying on the floor. Bring an antigravity chair for extra relaxation & absorption of the sound vibrations. Wear loose clothing. Being relaxed, comfortable & hydrated is key to absorbing the sound frequencies.

Sound Therapy is a powerful healing modality deeply resonating with the cells & organs of your body for the relief of pain, stress, & symptoms of DIS-Ease. Come be immersed in the texture & creation of organic sound & allow yourself to be healed & balanced in depth by the incredible sound of Spirit. Participants have been raving about the energy of this experience.

Plan to arrive early to sign in & settle in.

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"As a bodyworker for over 18 years, I've seen how emotions are stuffed and stored in our bodies until we process them and move on.  I recommend to my clients the same activities I actively engage in myself.  Movement, dance, and stretching, meditation, artistic creation, drumming, singing, writing, and grounding our energies through Massage therapy and other energy modalities. This world is meant to be a Playground for the Soul."  ~Sandra

Painting with Broccoli

Monday African Djembe Drum Class: Michael Katala

Monday evenings 7:30-9:00pm -   $15 per person

Venice Holistic Community Center
714 Shamrock Blvd. Venice, 34293

​​​Musical Immersion Meditation

Friday, November 17 - 7:00-8:30pm

Venice Holistic Community Center

714 Shamrock Blvd, Venice 34293

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