Drumming & Percussion Instruction

African Djembe and Duns can be taught as a group or privately.  Michael teaches a weekly Djembe class at Venice Holistic Community Center in Venice (Monday evenings 7:30-9pm). 

All skill levels are welcome. Please contact Michael if you'd like to join his class/ use a drum..

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The peaceful presence of Michael Katala can be experienced through his intuitive music and his art in many forms. He plays and hand crafts instruments such as hand drums, harps, koras, and flutes. Michael also creates sculptures, home decor, and furniture which celebrate the diversity of each unique piece of wood chosen. He spends hours creating one-of-a-kind wire wrapped crystal jewelry as well as painted canvas. Michael has been playing music for more than 20 years and currently teaches a djembe drum class Monday evenings at the Venice Holistic Community Center. He is available by appointment if you'd like to see any of his works in person.

Michael is a talented musician and patient teacher.  He is available by appointment for individual or group lessons.


Nature Crafts

Michael is a gifted artist who loves incorporating the beauty of natural elements into his unique pieces. Each one is full of his intention and generous spirit. 

He hand crafts beautiful native-American style flutes.  Each one is an original work of art, featuring in-layed turquoise or other precious stones.  

Michael has also created many beautiful tikis to guard over homes and landscapes.
Michael creates unique wood sculptures, wind chimes, Custom wrapped crystal jewelry, and furniture.  Custom orders are available with a pre-paid deposit. 

Custom wrapped crystal jewelry

Hand-wrapped intentional crystals with the powerful conducting energy of copper.  

Michael also does custom wrapped pieces.  Check out his creations on Facebook 

Earth Vibe

Drum tuning, tightening, and re-heading services

Michael has been studying percussion for more than 20 years.  His process for drum creation or re-heading takes several hours and incorporates many years of learning not only the process, but the spiritual relevance behind all that his teachers have shared with him.  He puts a lot of thought, intention, and positive energy into each drum he comes into contact with.  You can also order a custom drum with a pre-paid deposit. Michael will create a unique drum for you, with ropes and fabrics that match your personality.